Considering Redesigning Your eCommerce Website with 1Digital®?

Design is a creative process, and it can be a very objective exercise. Here at 1Digital®, we’ve found a balance between delivering beautiful and engaging design while maintaining the criteria for an optimized website. With some flexible creative ideas in mind and a healthy amount of trust in the design team, you can have a great website design that fulfills both the form and function that you’ve envisioned. The guidelines below will provide you with expectations to keep in mind as you work through the 1Digital® design process.

Rely On and Trust an Expert

One reason to redesign a website is because it didn’t perform as well as you’d hope. You want to hire someone who could move the needle the second time around. 1Digital® is one of the very few pioneers of “eCommerce only” website design agencies. We started in 2012 and have grown year-over-year at the rate of 150%. The average eCommerce experience of our team member is 5 years. We’ve design 300+ eCommerce websites and worked with 100+ eCommerce SEO clients. We’ve learned something from every website we’ve created and we’ve become seasoned designers and online SEO marketers; we’re a team of expert developers and wide-range industry specialists. When you work with 1Digital®, you don’t just gain the best designers during our design process, you also have the complete collective skills on your side: from discovery to online marketing, from design to launch, and from on-going support to beyond.

Answer Our Design Questionnaire

If you have lots of ideas already, this questionnaire will collect all your thoughts. If not, it will prompt you for objective responses that will assist us in the design process. The questionnaire encourages creative answers, but at the same time elicit measurable and concrete descriptions. As you think about our questions, imagine if your answer can be produced concretely on paper (or rather on-screen), or describe why you want a certain choice. For example, saying “I want a nice picture that says everything about my company” is not specific enough to be reproducible. Whereas something like “I’m thinking of an image that has a happy couple celebrating life in some way – maybe dancing in the moonlight” is more focused to your target audience and brand messaging. Another example would be, “use lots of happy colors on my website” is too open-ended, whereas “our product is all-natural: brighter yellows and greens help to bring out our products as well as our brand” not only speaks of who and what your company is all about, but also provides 1Digital® design team with concrete visual vocabulary.

On Paper, Anything Can Be Possible but Not Necessarily Scoped Out

Chances are before engaging with 1Digital® in your site redesign, you have already done your homework and reviewed other sites — your competitors’ as well as those that you admire. It is important to understand and know the difference between your current site and your new site. For example, will it be on the same platform or be moved to a different one? Was there a lot of custom-coding for styling and/or functionality that you’d want the same on the new site? Are there pages that existed on the current site that you’d want to custom designed differently on the new site. All these questions are usually determined during the discovery phase and become deliverables outlined in the project SOW (scope of work). During the design process, our team will have reviewed your Design Questionnaire and joined you in the Design Kick-off call to confirm all design deliverables. Sometimes during the design process, a designer might recommend a design element or functionality not considered before that would improve your eCommerce site. The designer will always let you know if anything would be out-of-scope in the mockup.

Printed is Fixed; Web Design is Fluid

Mobile devices have become the number one way that customers interact with eCommerce sites, which means the design you envision will take many different forms on many different screens. What you want to get used to is the reality that you cannot dictate or control how everyone will see your website on each person’s device and its settings. Don’t get too hung up on rigid designs and get fixated on exact pixel-perfect differences. A website, unlike a mobile app, is not a fixed design. A website is meant to be responsive; it needs to be fluid, flexing to a plethora of screen dimensions, to the many browser options and browser versions, and to user preferences that your customers may have set. It’s important to realize that your website does not have one form, but will flow the necessary information into a general layout that’s dictated by the device. 1Digital® offers custom desktop designs of critical pages on your website, and we ensure your website – but especially these pages – would naturally respond to standard layouts of mobile and tablet devices.

Responsive Web design being fluid among various devices.

Streamlining the Design Review Process in Real Time

At 1Digital®, we work with the Adobe Creative Suite. All the applications within this software are set to integrate and share design resources flawlessly. This allows us to generate the best design solutions within a condensed period of time, e.g., a promised delivery schedule of 5-7 business days for the initial homepage design. We understand time is literally money for our eCommerce clients, and we work a tight ship to gain design approvals from you within the shortest time possible. Our mockups are shared with you through the web design application Adobe XD. You would review a mockup that is practically accurate to a live page that you would see once it has been developed. During the design revisions, you would be able to provide comments/feedback right on top of the mockup within Adobe XD, pinpointing exactly where the change would need to be made. This is a timely and precise process that relies on your active participation. Through objective rounds of revision and best practices guidance, our design team will assist you in fine-tuning the design to your satisfaction.

Those are a few of the things to keep in mind as you work with 1Digital® design team. It is a collaborative process, one that is also a creative endeavor that can fluctuate and change before it’s done. Despite the subjective nature of design, the above objective criteria will provide a smooth and enjoyable phase of the project. It is our goal to set realistic expectations and be transparent to navigate you clearly through the design process. A new exciting, cool design often sets the tone and high level of excitement for our clients. See for yourself – check out our portfolio and before-and-after transformations.

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